Worship Leaders

Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick, Pastor

Father BobOrdained ministry is something I come to in the middle of my life.  As of 2011, I am 47.  I am married to Cathy Hawn for 22 years.  We have a daughter Kayti, who is a college student.  Before becoming a priest, I spent 20 years in business and government, much of it in the transit industry and economic development.

I believe Jesus’s call to fullness of life is the promise that if we turn our heart towards God’s heart, we can live more fully into who God made us to be.  When I live this way, I find life is filled with more love, peace, healing and freedom, in good times and in bad.  Having tasted this, I want to live this way every day that I can.

As a priest and pastor in Christ’s Church, part of my vocation is to walk with others in this new life, relying on the Word of God as a map, the Eucharist as food for the journey, and one another as companions.

Most people have a call or vocation of some sort, and it does not necessarily have anything to do with the priesthood.  We find our calling by learning to listen for where our passions and gifts meet the needs of the people around us.  I believe this is best done together, as friends in Christ, parish and community.


Mr. Paul Davis, Music Minister

Music Director Paul is a working musician, music teacher and private instructor.  At St. Anne’s, Paul leads the choir, plays piano and helps prepare the worship services.  He also works with young people as they find their place as singers and instrumentalists in the mixed age choir.