Buildings and Grounds – maintenance, gardening, painting, snow and ice, planning to set priorities and coordinate funding.

Clerk of the Vestry – prepare agenda, minutes and other documents from Vestry meetings and other parish business.

Counters – count and record donations from offering plate after worship.

Diocesan Convention Delegate – elected at annual parish meeting to participate in annual Diocesan Convention at Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City, may be other meetings locally, around the Diocese or at the Cathedral from time to time, serves as delegate for election of new bishop.

Finance, Administration and Budget – long term and short term financial planning with the Vicar and Vestry; budget preparation and tracking of income and expenses with the Vicar, Vestry and Treasurers; systems analysis (paperwork flows, computer systems, reporting, etc.) with the Vicar, Vestry, Treasurers, Parish Administrator and Webmaster.

Former Wardens League – like being President of the United States or an Ambassador, retirement does not really end the service or the love, it just gives them a different shape; former wardens make a transition that allows them to serve as a source of encouragement, support, history and vision to the other leaders and people of the parish, lay and ordained.

Memorial Garden – tend the garden, tend the saints who have come before.

Office Angels – working with Parish Administrator and Vicar, includes copying, word processing, spreadsheets, and whatever else is going on that day; help with individual tasks when you can, at a fixed time regular time or offer a few hours each month

Outreach – See the Outreach page of our website or contact the parish office for more information.

Phone Chain – Prayer needed? Water rising? Snow on the way? We keep in touch.

St. Anne’s Guild – When we talk about “the Magic of St. Anne’s,” the St. Anne’s Guild is never far. Making good stuff happen for God and Parish since, well, for a long, long time. Open to all.

Stewardship – Teaching and tending to the parish’s gifts in all things.

Treasurer – handle and keep track of the parish’s money, share information about the parish’s money with the parish and diocese working with the Vicar, Wardens and Vestry; collecting income, banking, paying bills, reporting, support the annual audit.

Vestry – Elected by the parish to lead the earthly business of the church and help support the ministries of the parish working with the Vicar and Wardens

Wardens – Elected by the parish to oversee the earthly business of the church working with the Vicar and Vestry. Which could include nearly anything at any time.