Communications Ministry

Bell Tower newsletter – parish news, events, reflections and photos, published seasonally

Bulletin Boards – display information and photos of parish and community events.

Facebook page – Vicar’s updates, links and photos reflecting parish life.

History and Archives – We believe God is telling a story and we are part of it, so we believe collecting and periodically reviewing, displaying and writing about our life together is interesting and time well spent.

Photography – pictures of parish events always welcome; these help celebrate our time together and invite others to join in; shared through our Bell Tower newsletter, website, Facebook page, Bulletin Board Ministry and sometimes at coffee hour; new feature of our website is making it easier for parishioners to upload and share photos.

Public Relations – prepare news releases, graphics and photos for placement in local papers, on the internet and in publications of the parish and diocese.

Sign Ministry – Route 94’s hottest news and inspiration source.

Website – Keeping us connected through parish website and computer network