The “Other”

This symbol is the letter “nun” in Arabic. It is the first letter of the word “Nazarenist,” a nickname for Christians in some places because Jesus came from Nazareth.

This sign is being painted on the homes of Christians in Mosul, Iraq by religious extremists and their self-proclaimed rulers as they target the ancient Christian community there for violence. Christians are being driven from their homes and their church buildings are being burned.

Hate for the “other” pulls us away from the Rule of God. As Christians, we know the Rule of God as “the Kingdom.” Our Moslem cousins know it as “Islam.”

Turning inward to self or tribe, seeking control or death over the other, we call “sin.”

We recall that God is the Ultimate Other, who we are called to know.

Stand with those who stand for God’s Rule of love. Pray for those who suffer from religious violence. Pray for those in sin.