Had a New Friend at Church Today

Had a new friend at church today.  M first came in one night last week with her Mom and Dad and baby sister to prepare for baptism.  She’s 5, which is pronounced by holding up your right hand and spreading all your fingers. That first evening, we talked about water and God loving her and meeting other people, big and small, at church. Then she let me take her hand to tour the church. She was especially interested in the altar, so we went to see all the way around it. The aumbry was also a favorite because she is curious and smart and who can resist a shiny little door with a fish on it in the middle of a wall, and we were holding nothing back on this tour.  Today, when she came to worship for the first time, M and I shared a wave at the door, then a smile. At the end of the service, for the procession out, she even joined the big kids and bravely carried a hymnal over her head so everyone could see it.  It’s a good day in the Kingdom.