Dear Moms and Dads with kids and babies in church

Dear Moms and Dads with kids and babies in church,

It matters that your children are here.  It matters to them, to the rest of the Church, and, yes, to you too.  It will matter for a long time.  Forever, really.

Feeling self-conscious about noise or fidgeting?  The noises children make in church are a joyful noise to the Lord.  Their sound and motion are (almost always ;^) ) louder to you than anyone else.

Thankfully, it is loud enough to remind us that when you and your children are here, we all are more complete as God’s people, more truly the Body of Christ.  This is what we all wanted in the first place.

So please, bring your children to church.


Fr. Bob +

Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick
St. Anne’s Episcopal Church
Washingtonville, NY

PS – I think the article below, from a parent with young children, is a good read on this topic.  I would be interested to hear any comments people with or without young children may have.