CT Shooting: Christian Love Transcending Suffering

Ross Douthat, a Christian cultural writer, in today’s NY Times, wrote of the Newtown CT shooting:

“But the Christmas story isn’t just the manger and the shepherds and the baby Jesus, meek and mild. The rage of Herod is there as well, and the slaughtered innocents of Bethlehem, and the myrrh that prepares bodies for the grave. The cross looms behind the stable…”

“The counterpoint [to the reality of suffering] is… examples of Christian love transcending suffering, not by a rhetorical justification of God’s goodness…. The New Testament… establish God’s goodness through a narrative rather than an argument.”
Where do you see “examples of Christian love transcending suffering” in the Newtown shooting?  in your own life?
Fr. Bob +
for Douthat’s full NYT article, click here