Advent: Quiet and Waiting

Advent is the season we prepare for Christmas.  Like so many points in life, Advent is a time of waiting.  What we do with our times of waiting, our times of uncertainty, matter.  After all, if waiting is a big part of life, then who we are while we wait is a big part of who we are.   What if we waited… in joy? in patience… in hope… in trust? What if we waited together… in relationship?… in prayer?  Who will you be when your dreams come true?  Who is to say that is not already within you?

In the sermon today, I mentioned resources for quiet and waiting in this season of Advent – or any time.


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The Scripture passages about the announcement and birth of John the Baptist to his parents Zechariah and Elizabeth are in the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 2.  The beginning of the adult ministry of John the Baptist, which was today’s Gospel passage, is Luke Chapter 3.

The Quiet Day at Holy Cross Monastery in West Park is Wednesday December 19 from 8:30am -4:00pm.  Registration is due December 12.  Several people from St. Anne’s are going and the best thing to do now is register directly.  To register, send your name, contact info (including that you are from St. Anne’s) and a check for $20 (includes program and lunch), payable to “Episcopal Diocese of New York,” to The Episcopal Diocese of New York, The Mid-Hudson Regional Office, 30 Pine Grove Avenue, Kingston, New York  12401.

The Welcoming Prayer is from Contemplative Outreach, a prayer and education ministry.  We prayed it at the Advent Adult Ed session last Thursday night and some of us are taking it up for Advent.


The Welcoming Prayer


Focus, feel, and sink into

the feelings, emotions, thoughts, sensations,

and commentaries in your body.


Welcome the Divine Indwelling in the feelings,

emotions, thoughts, commentaries,

or sensations in your body by saying



Let go by repeating the following sentences:


“I let go of the desire for security, affection, control.”


“I let go of the desire to change this feeling/sensation.”