Dear People of God at St. Anne’s,

I am forwarding to you a letter from Bishop Coadjutor Andy Dietsche, received today, and written to all the people of the Diocese of New York about the past two weeks of dealing with Hurricane Sandy.

It has been a time of loss and disruption for many. It remains so for some. It is also a time of faith, hope and love.

Here at St. Anne’s, we opened the doors of our building as a community Warming Center, sharing light and warmth with those around us. It was a small, practical reminder of who we are and why we are here. Thursday, as utility service was restored to many and temperatures rose, we completed that effort. Thank you to all who made our Warming Center happen.

In our area, and in Orange County generally, most people have electricity, heat, phone and internet restored to their homes. Where this is not yet the case, please let your church family know how we can help.

I ask your prays for those who continue to be impacted by Hurricane Sandy in parts of New York City, Long Island, the Jersey Shore, North Jersey, elsewhere along the East Coast, and in the Caribbean. In many cases, lives, homes and entire communities have been devastated and will not know that most desired condition of “normal” again for a long time.

Bishop Dietsche and Diocese staff have been in daily contact with all the parishes of our Diocese throughout this time.  Please read Bishop Dietsche’s letter.  Let’s join our prayers with his as one Church.


Click here to read the letter


in Christ,


Fr. Bob +


Rev. Bob Fitzpatrick