It’s OK to be thankful beforehand

I’m reflecting on how much there is to be thankful for in the parish this weekend and generally.  I went into the weekend tired, somewhat skeptical and nervous about the complications that remained up in the air for several big events – the spring penny social, the baptism of a father and his infant son, and, oddly enough, the purging, cleaning and reorganizing of the limited storage space in the church.  The events of the weekend were successful – socially, organizationally, financially, liturgically – but spiritually too.  Here on Monday morning, on the other side of all that activity, people are fed; I am fed.

I write this so that I might remember that God’s goodness is with me always, not just afterwards in the fruits of what we do together, or when it all works out well, but in the doing, in the moments of planning, preparation, labor and worry.


Fr. Bob +